Help me find a cool, short Midi Sound

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2004-09-26


    just found out that its pretty easy to play *.mid (Midi) files with Java. I would like to implement that to indicate new news have been downloaded. Of course that feature will be disabled by default, but some users might find it usefull.

    Now, I am not good in finding a suitable midi file. If someone got a cool, suitable (should be short) one, please send it :)


    • Detlef Burkhardt

      Hi Ben,

      Midi could be a problem, because the client need a Midi-Synthesizer. And you dont know how the sound sounds. The same Instrument could sounds like meow of an ill cat or like orchestral bombastic. Perhaps normal wave-files could be better, because on every plattform sounds nearly equal. Here some links for Free-Sounds:

      If you need help in converting/compressing in a special Sound-Format, i can help ...

      cu, Det

      • Anonymous

        Anonymous - 2004-09-27

        Hi Detlef,

        thanks for the info, that makes sense. I dont think its so easy to play Wav files. Found one solution that was win-only. Going to investigate how to play Wav with Java that works on any OS.



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