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RSSLIBJ / News: Recent posts

RSS 3.0

RSSLibJ now can generate RSS 3.0 feeds! There are still some issues with RSS 3.0 (it's a draft, after all) but we're actually on the bubble for once. I plan to add reading in RSS 3.0 sources soon.

Posted by Joseph Ottinger 2003-02-13

Ready for beta stage

RSSLibJ should be able to read and write RSS and RDF files properly; thus, beta testers are welcomed!

Next step: a better web site :)

Posted by Joseph Ottinger 2003-02-10

RSS 2.0 Support Coming Along

The first gleanings of <a href="">RSS 2.0</a> support are in testing. This is for category support only; other elements will come in soon as we figure out how they're to be supported.

Posted by Joseph Ottinger 2003-01-22