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RSS Bandit (beta) available

Torsten and I are getting ready to ship the next version of RSS Bandit and have made a beta version available at

The beta version adds a couple of features over the last version of RSS Bandit such as support for the Atom 0.3 syndication format, the ability to import OPML lists into a specific category, translations to German & simplified Chinese, ability to display logos of feeds that provide them and auto-completion when typing URLs in the address bar.... read more

Posted by Dare Obasanjo 2004-03-25

Wiki at no longer free editable

Because of the many stupid people that change or like to add content in a way that is not intended/wanted, we added password protection to edit requests.
Users are still welcome to post suggestions, ideas for new features or other enhancements for open discussion to the public forum at or more seriously at

Posted by Torsten Rendelmann 2004-02-26

Getting CVS Commit Access

Do you have an MSN Messenger account? If so you should add Dare's email address (dareoATmicrosoftDOTcom) and Torsten's (tr66_spmAThotmailDOTcom) to your contact list.

Traditionally in Open Source projects, folks contribute small patches then bigger patches then finally get CVS access.

The first step is to send patches first that fix bugs, then graduate to sending us patches that implement features. If after evaluating your changes they are of sufficient quality and you give us the impression that you plan to contribute to RSS Bandit over a period of time then CVS access is yours.

Posted by Dare Obasanjo 2004-02-08

RSS Bandit v1.2.0.90 Released

The package does not contain new features compared to the previous release. There are only bugfixes, such as:

  • fixed: no icons for the provided shortcuts in the startmenu/desktop to start Bandit

  • fixed: Rss Search folders now can be saved also without specifying a search expression (e.g. Unread items only).
    Existing (maybe wrong installed) folder definitions can now be corrected manually.

  • fixed: all the errors about invalid namespaces should not be thrown anymore.... read more

Posted by Torsten Rendelmann 2004-02-07

rssbandit-users mailing list launched

A mailing list dedicated to discussing RSS Bandit is now available. Details on how to susbscribe to the mailing list or view its archives are available at

Posted by Dare Obasanjo 2004-02-05

RSS Bandit v1.2.0.89 Installer Updated

Thanks to Ron Green for pointing out some problems with the recent RSS Bandit installer. Attempting an installation on a machine that didn't have RSS Bandit installed previously failed. Also an empty docked panel showed up in the UI on successful installs.

Both issues have been fixed and the installer has been refreshed.

Posted by Dare Obasanjo 2004-02-01

RSS Bandit v1.2.0.89 Released

Differences between v1.2.0.61 and v1.2.0.89 below

FEATURE: Support for customizing position of Reading Pane to give Outlook 2003 style reading pane layout. This is located under the View menu.

FEATURE: One can search downloaded feeds using full text, regular expression, XPath or date based searches. Searches can be saved in persistent "Search Folders". By default, an "Unread" items search folder is created on installation.... read more

Posted by Dare Obasanjo 2004-01-31

Welcome to RSS Bandit at

The new home of the RSS Bandit project is on SourceForge now. Various things precipitated this move with the most recent being the fact that a Passport account was needed to download RSS Bandit from GotDotNet ( Dare and I'd like to thank Andy Oakley ( for all his help withGotDotNet Workspaces while RSS Bandit was hosted on there.... read more

Posted by Torsten Rendelmann 2003-12-11