RSS Bandit v1.9.0.972 Released

s part of spring cleaning to get ready for Windows 7, we are releasing version of RSS Bandit. You can download it from

This release primarily fixes bugs from the previous release. With the code base now stable we will be making a number of radical changes for version 2.0 including transitioning to a ribbon based interface and adding support for Windows 7 jump lists. The major new feature and bug fixes since the last official release (v. are listed below.

The codename for the next release of RSS Bandit will be Gambit.

- Ability to read and comment on items from your Facebook news feed via the "Synchonize Feeds" feature. More details on this feature can be found here


* Revision 881: fixed: import feeds dialog display the wrong categories for a selected feed source
* Revision 882: change: Start/StopIndexerThread are now complementary; no timeout anymore on the indexer thread
* Revision 883: migrated to Infragistics NetAdvantage 2008.3, build 2021/patched
* Revision 884: Allow addin to be in any path location
* Revision 885: changes to fix issue 2555947 - FTP storage does not work
* Revision 886: fixed the issue with the FIPS compliance exception in our own code 2433685; is still to be fixed - awaiting an answer from their developers
* Revision 887: fix-completed: FIPS exception; now use a modified assembly that is FIPS compliant; suggested a patch to the developers:
* Revision 888: prevent exception, if .settings file does not exist the app starts up the very first time
* Revision 889: get rid of the thread and thread sleep in the Splash controller
* Revision 890: changes to get tree rendering issues with custom DPI settings fixed (yet only tested with 120DPI fonts on Vista): 2218081, 2218104, 2219480
* Revision 891: fixed 2000769: Titles of posts don't show up as tool tips on mouse over
* Revision 894: fixed long standing bug where "Work Offline" didn't fetch images from the browser cache; fixed bug where mark all items as read when exiting a feed or category didn't work correctly (Dareo)
* Revision 923: fixed exception when trying to save a feed if it has been modified since the saving process started.
* Revision 924: fixed issue where corrupted search index causes a crash on every start of the application.
* Revision 925: fixed crash when there is an XML error in the feed sources file.
* Revision 927: fixed problem where removing and re-adding Google Reader or NewsGator as a feed source results in an error
* Revision 929: fixed incorrect "certificate error" messages when an invalid password specified when loading a feed list from a remote feed source such as Google Reader
* Revision 930: fixed issue where URI canonicalization causes feeds like to be incorrectly declared as invalid.
* Revision 935: fixed issue where options dialog fails to open if user selected NewsGatorOnline as remote storage option
* Revision 936: fixed issue where WebDAV remote storage option fails to upload or download files.
* Revision 940: fixed 2846923- column layouts not remembered for unread items folders
* Revision 942: No longer show favicons in browser history in toolbar because invalid image formats from sites cause red 'X' in toolbar section
* Revision 943: fixed 2852509- InvalidOperationException can be thrown while unread item counts are being generated
* Revision 944: fixed 2840514- ClassCastException if error occurs when downloading enclosures
* Revision 945: fixed 2836001 - column Menu isn't visible on the View Menu in certain cases. 
* Revision 947: various fixes related to NNTP feeds (encoding, crashes, UI)
* Revision 949: fixed 1642865 - newly created newsgroup identity is not immediately applied as the default
* Revision 951 fixed 2798776 - English words shown in German version of the application when showing items as groups
* Revision 952: Busy cursor now shown when deleting lots of items from the list view
* Revision 954: fixed 2335779 - Links with target="_blank" open in new browser window
* Revision 956: fixed: 2335753 - SEHException Message: External component has thrown an exception
* Revision 958: fixed: 2867673 - Ctrl+Mouse Scroll to zoom does not work (again) with IE8
* Revision 961: fixed 1504646 : Alt+N - unacceptable shortcut  
* Revision 962: fixed 1223886: Keyboard navigation from reading pane to article list broken
* Revision 964: fixed: 2555979 - Desktop alerts on new items no longer works
* Revision 966: fixed: 2723284 - Truncated elements in Search pane with 120DPI displays
* Revision 967: fixed 2723227 - Truncated Descenders (120 DPI) in Options dialog
* Revision 969: fixed 2292733 - Mark read at top level root node not working
Posted by Dare Obasanjo 2012-09-23

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