RSS Bandit v1.2.0.112 Released

Differences between v1.2.0.90 and v1.2.0.112 below

FEATURE: Support for Atom 0.3 syndication format (

FEATURE: Instances of RSS Bandit can now be synchronized using WebDAV, FTP or a file share. The data is transfered in a ZIP file containing information about the current state of your search folders, flagged items, replied items, subscribed feeds and read/unread messages. This is extremely useful for people who use RSS Bandit on different computers like from home and work or from school and home.

FEATURE: Ability to configure appearance of MSN Messenger style popup windows in the system tray when new items show up on a per feed basis. Also the ability to turn this feature on and off now available from the context menu in the system tray.

FEATURE: Browser address bar has autocomplete functionality

FEATURE: RSS Bandit now translated to the following languages; English, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Polish. If the language configured on your machine is one of these then all text should appear in your target language.

FEATURE: Online documentation now provided ( available from Help menu. This is a work in progress but all the information for figuring out the basics of using RSS Bandit is available now.

FEATURE: Logos and other distinguishing images from websites that provide them in their feed now displayed in the details pane.

FEATURE: Feeds imported from an OPML file can now be imported into a specific category.

FEATURE: Export to OPML now contains htmlUrl and description attributes in <outline> elementsfor each feed.

FEATURE: Custom stylesheets for rendering feeds can now reference external .css or image file(s)

FEATURE: Added one more commandline option '-c[ulture]:<culture ISO? code>', e.g. '-culture:"ru-RU"' forces to start the russian UI.

FIXED: If executing/downloading ActiveX controls is disabled, warning message(s) no longer displayed about sites with ActiveX controls.

FIXED: Speed improvements in behavior of [Next Unread Item] button.

FIXED: Alert balloon in system tray pops up too frequently.

FIXED: UI hangs temporarily if a tree node is clicked for a feed that hasn't been downloaded before.

FIXED: Clicking on links with mailto: or news: URL schemes opened a new browser tab.

FIXED: Certain feed URLs not being updated if they had mixed case (e.g. or were malformed (e.g. http:/

FIXED: Issue with screen font resolutions other than 96dpi.

FIXED: Exception on accessing feeds secured with windows authentication. Now the default credentials are correctly used.

FIXED: Closing a web browser tab on slow sites could cause hundrets of new browser tabs opened, or exception.

FIXED: startup issue on Windows 98/ME systems

FIXED: DTDs not used for resolving entities in RSS feeds. This mostly affected RSS 0.91 feeds

FIXED: Memory footprint reduced (5 to 15 percent), some speed improvements

FIXED: Various issues with deleting search folders.

Posted by Dare Obasanjo 2004-05-04

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