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RSS Bandit v1.2.0.90 Released

The package does not contain new features compared to the previous release. There are only bugfixes, such as:

  • fixed: no icons for the provided shortcuts in the startmenu/desktop to start Bandit

  • fixed: Rss Search folders now can be saved also without specifying a search expression (e.g. Unread items only).
    Existing (maybe wrong installed) folder definitions can now be corrected manually.

  • fixed: all the errors about invalid namespaces should not be thrown anymore.

  • little speedup, "Move to next unread" now stay in the selected Search folder, if there are unread items.

  • fixed: sometimes it throws an exception if you pressed "Move to next unread" while it was loading comments

  • reduced treeview flickering on application load

Posted by Torsten Rendelmann 2004-02-07

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