#185 Reduce startup-times by using relational/indexed backend


Especially if you do have a lot of feeds, start-up
times for RSSBandit are a bit long. RSSBandit has to
load and parse each XML file from my profile folder,
which can take quite long (longer on my under-powered
laptop). It also consumes a lot of CPU while start-up.

If a relational (SQLite?) or at least an indexed,
object-oriented (db4o?) backend was used to store
each news item as a separate record, RSSBandit could
be started instantly. This would be a great
improvement. Using db4o would make it possible to use
XmlSerializer to automatically transform a list of
records in the database into output XML, like it is
required for the XSL/HTML feed display or the
synchronization to a remote storage. Also db4o
supports online-backups, so remote storage could be
made to allow the upload of the binary database file
in compressed form.

Regards, Alex


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