Unit Tests failing

  • David Deutsch

    David Deutsch - 2004-12-16

    I just got the latest source code (from CurrentWork), and most of the unit tests are failing; are they currently broken, or is something else wrong? FWIW, SetAllowUnsafeHeaderParsing() is failing because Method System.Net.HttpWebRequest.UseUnsafeHeaderParsing is not found. I would like submit patches, but I am assuming that all unit tests should pass before I do so.

    • Torsten Rendelmann

      I don't think SetAllowUnsafeHeaderParsing() is explicitly tested via NUnit. And if you look to the code (comments) there, we catch the error and report a warning (to devs. only), so we already also assumed it "can" fail in cases where the method/property is not there.
      For any further question related to NUnit test you can also ask Phil Haack (haacked) directly, he is "the man" behind that tests. I also sent a mail to phil, dunno if he monitors this forum.

    • Phil Haack

      Phil Haack - 2004-12-19

      I've updated the unit tests so that they do not require Cassini.dll in the GAC.

      However, I believe that some of the tests are failing because we don't convert old file formats when importing a feedlist. I've asked Dare about this to find out if the tests need to updated or if the code does.

      We also need to add tests against the new file format as well.


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