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deleting downloaded feeds takes long time

  • Tampa_lou

    Tampa_lou - 2011-10-26

    I have a lot of feeds that i get based on key word searches. I need to do this
    for work.

    When i am away for a few days and come back and need to clean the older feeds
    out, it takes quite a while to delete say 1000 entries. RSS Bandit is unusable
    for that time. Is there an easy way to reset all the downloaded feeds so that
    I do not have to wait for the app to do so? Even deleting a feed that has 30
    entries takes a couple of minutes. My PC is very fast and I experience this
    behaviour on several machines where i have RSS Bandit installed.

  • Torsten Rendelmann

    Two things may slow down the speed here: deleted items are "moved" to the
    "Deleted Items" node, the "Recycle Bin". This is just growing up over time, if
    you don't cleanup this node itself.
    Second: read stories (feed items) are kept within the .subscription files.
    The amount of entries there also grow up over time for each feed depending of
    the publishing/read items frequency. So if your
    .suscription files are quite
    big (around and above 2 MB) - especially the "DirectAccess.*.subscription",
    you can help yourself by exporting the feed list (e.g. OPML), delete your
    feeds and then re-import the exported list. This should "re-build" the
    .subscription file and shrink it in size.

    The *.subscription files are located at:
    It is a good idea to backup the whole folder before you start export/import to
    be safe if things get wrong.


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