Automatic updates are delayed

  • Anonymous - 2011-11-24


    I'm using RSS Bandit for a number of about 5-6 feeds which I update quite
    frequently using the auto update feature. I update them every 2 minutes or so.
    But it seems that something isn't quite working. When new messages show up in
    RSS Bandit, they are often more than 10 minutes delayed, but they should have
    an age of maximum 2 minutes because that's what I set the auto-fetch interval
    to. I also noticed that the task bar tray icon is somehow strange, it often
    changes to "checking for updates..." symbol and stays like that for several
    MINUTES. The server where the feeds come from can't be an issue, I tried with
    several other feed readers where updates worked correctly. I have the feeling
    that the program becomes "overload" with requests and thus stops working, can
    this be true? Please tell me how to solve it, thank you in advance, really
    like RSS Bandit except for that minor issue.

  • Anonymous - 2011-11-24

    I just tried to reproduce the error. I added my personal blog to my RSS Bandit
    feed list, and set the auto update frequency to 2 minutes. I then made a new
    post in my blog at 16:26. RSS Bandit retrieved that post at around 16:37,
    about 10 minutes later. Other feed readers updated correctly, so it must be
    some issue with RSS Bandit, but I just don't know what causes it...


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