Allowing multiple downloads of same "feed"

  • Cyclone

    Cyclone - 2004-11-10


    Recently, Gmail started to allow the use of authenticated Atom feeds to check for new mail. (The URL for it is

    Anyhow, my problem is that I have multiple Gmail accounts. When I try to add more than one feed with the URL above, but with different Usernames and Passwords in the Authentication section, it still says "You are already subscribed to this feed" and does not add it.

    The content changes based on the Username and Password supplied. It would be very very helpful if the method used to check for duplicate feeds allowed the use of the same URL if, and only if, different Usernames and Passwords are in each of them.

    Does this make sense? For example:

    Gmail Account 1
    Username: fake1user
    Password: fake1pass

    Gmail Account 2
    Username: fake2user
    Password: fake2pass

    Are actually different feeds because the username and password are different, so the content changes too.

    Thank you for your time


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