RSS Bandit UI lockup after fullscreen game

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    RSS Bandit has annoying bug on win7 x64. It goes like this:

    Open RSS Bandit, run it for some time, everything works. Then minimise it to
    task bar and run full screen game. After you alt-tab from game, or close it,
    RSS Bandit sometimes lock ups - it comes back from task bar, but it won't
    respond to any input at all, like if it was waiting for some other input? It's
    very easy to reproduce and i am willing to help.


    Darius D.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have this issue on Win7 32-bit.

  • quasar

    quasar - 2010-07-08

    It also happens when I use remote administration tools, like rAdmin etc.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Also, its not the same as "App locks up after restoring from minimized state"
    bug ID: 3001077

    In this case app comes back and repains correctly - I can see that feeds have
    new items, but window is completely unresponsive to input.

    Can someone report/enter this to bug database, as it's really annoying and
    show stopped bug for an app that is supposed to be up 24/7 :)


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