Help Rss Bandit Crashing

  • Mark

    Mark - 2010-07-17

    Wnen ever I try to get my feeds from Harry Potter FanFiction Rss Badit
    Crashes. I get this error message.... The Instruction at 0x7726f9d7 referenced
    memory at 0x00000000. the memory could not be read. I can not figure it out. I
    have reinstalled until I am blue in the face. I have had to use Google Reader
    just to read my feeds and To Say The Least I HATE IT..... Rss Bandit is SO
    MUCH BETTER... I can get the other feeds just my My Harry Potter FanFiction as
    it is what I all but only use it for. Hope somone can fugure this on out.
    Thanks... Mark

  • Torsten Rendelmann

    Do you have URL at hand to that "Harry Potter Fan..." feed(s), so we could
    test with?
    Did it worked yet with an older version, or did you just tried to add them
    What version of Bandit you use?

  • Nobody/Anonymous
    Here is the URL and NO Nothing has worked. I have tried 3 older versions now
    and it always kicks me out and closes Rss Bandit whenever I click on to view
    one of my feeds. Thanks for the help...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Out in the field working on my lap top and cant get to the site right now.
    When I find a story I want to keep track of I use the one on the far right.
    One on the left says Rss middle is for Google and The The One On The Right
    Says.....cant remember. Its not one of the to three you posted. It happens
    when I am saving a story not a forum or calendar which I have never used
    before. Just new chapter feeds. Thanks for the help Mark

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Ok this is where I go to start receiving feeds from Harry Potter Fan Fiction. I go
    through all the steps to set it up so I can received the feed on my Rss
    Bandit. I use the one on the Right "Subscribe" Then I when I go to Rss Bandit
    and Click on the Feed. It crashes. Mark

  • Torsten Rendelmann

    I just did as you described, but could not repro (, latest downloadable
    Do you have any further informations, like a "error.log" or "trace.log" within
    you "C:\Users\<YOURUSERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\RssBandit" folder (this is a
    sample for Win7)?

    If so, please send it with a short description (or link to this conversation)
    to "contact", thanks!


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