Random Lockups under normal use

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    First I'll define "normal use" which is basically the tray icon shows
    something new, I'll try to restore RSS bandit to check and it chokes. This
    sometimes results in a partially drawn window or sometimes nothing at all. At
    best when this happens a right click on the tray icon will flash a menu with
    no items then it is gone. I must kill then relaunch, and this happens a lot.
    By "a lot" I mean one out of 5 times it will choke.

    There are also times when the tray icon shows it is refreshing the feeds it
    will stall and after 20 to 30 seconds spring back to life.

    I do not have an excess of feeds or anything crazy going on. Win XP 64, is my
    platform. Core i5 2.6ghz 8gigs 'o RAM, Radeon 4870

  • Torsten Rendelmann

    Is there a "sleep" time of your machine in the time of use? We know already
    there is a issue with that, just to asked. Difiicult to track such things

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    what do you mean "sleep" time? i.e. does the machine hibernate or "sleep"
    before these events? If that is what you're asking the answer is no, this is
    all while I'm working or gaming. The next time I try to see the new entries
    RSS Bandit dies. I somewhat feel I understated the frequency of the lock ups.
    It's way way beyond ridiculous in terms of sheer quantity, I'd expect less
    lock ups from Alpha software much less "releases."

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The newest version is very unstable in my opinion, it behaves on my machine
    just like @nobody is reporting above. After a period of me not looking at it,
    it will not respond from the system tray, I have to kill and restart it.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm not sure it's related, but I have a lot of feeds with a lot of posts, and
    lots of unread items. RSS Bandit slows down the whole PC when it's updating
    feeds. I don't like the tray icon, but while it's updating, I can no longer
    bring RSSBandit to the front, and if it does I can click but it hardly
    responds. Using version

    Is there a switch somewhere to slow the update down? I'ld like them to be done
    one at a time, with a little pause between.


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