Takes too much CPU resource

  • Socialab

    Socialab - 2004-06-28

    While I have a couple hundreds of RSS sources (never counted, maybe more or less) in RSSBandit, whenever it is retrieving, the whole PC system lock down, the cpu shoot up to 100% for a while.  Often I have kill the RSSBandit to get the system back to normal.

    Thought there is a multi-threading way of doing WinForm UI, why does it still behave this way?

    • Torsten Rendelmann

      We already use multithreaded request processing. But for such huge amount of feeds there are currently only a few things you cna apply to reduce the mem.usage and cpu payload:
      * reduce the default item age (do not use unlimited)
      * try to reduce the subscribed feeds
      * edit the RssBandit.exe.config (where the .exe is installed) and reduce the value of the entry named
      <add key="MaxDownloadThreads" value="4" /> to something below 4. Then restart Bandit.

      Maybe that will help to make it more responsible in your case.

      • Steve Tibbett

        Steve Tibbett - 2004-06-29

        And are you sure that it's CPU that's the problem?

        A single program shouldn't be able to drag the rest of the system down that much simply by using CPU.  It certainly shouldn't be able to halt the rest of the system.

        But if RSS Bandit is using so much memory that it's causing the system to thrash memory, then that could cause the sort of performance you're talking about.

        Bring up Task Manager before updating your feed list and take a look at the performance tab, to see how much memory your system is using (At the bottom - Commit Charge).  If you're using more memory than you have physical memory and it's causing your system to swap then we'd get better performance using less memory instead of by adding more threads..   More threads would actually make it worse.

    • yumul

      yumul - 2004-07-13

      Although i can't know the more detail about the memory using but i think that could it add the queue method to solve the problem.For example to update too much seeds , it can update 4 seeds first and after that update next 4 seeds. Maybe it will last more time than before but i think it will not take more CPU than bofore, doesn't it?If there are useful for this porblem. could let me know about it?

    • adam hill

      adam hill - 2004-07-28

      I can confirm this behavior. I have a 2GHz Xeon system with 2G of RAM. Which should not be a resource constrained system by any measure.

      RSS Bandit seems to be dying at the 6000K unread mark. I have been posting my woes over in the Wiki Forums.

      Anyone have an instrumented build I could run? I am temped to run VTune on it but that just seems like overkill :)

    • adam hill

      adam hill - 2004-07-28

      Another datapoint. It seems doing anything to the treeview on the LHS causes the CPU to peg as well.

      I just renamed a node from 'delicious/adamhill' to 'delicious/inbox/adamhill' and it resulted in  instant pegging of the CPU for about 5 minutes and total GUI lock.

    • adam hill

      adam hill - 2004-08-01

      Another Datapoint:

      RSSBandit has been running for about 3 days now (11:45 CPU Time) and is consuming 985M of Private Bytes (1.6G of virtual).

      Interactive response is bearable, but halting.

      Does *anyone* have an instrumented build they can point me to? I will be happy to do the data collection.


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