Buffer Overflows

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm using version on a network with roaming profiles. Twice now
    Bandit has refused too start and it turned out my profile had become
    corrupted. Nothing in the error or trace logs, just the error message:
    "The event source ExceptionManagerInternalException does not exist and cannot
    be created with the current permissions."

    I had my profile fixed and took a look at the startup processes of Bandit via
    Procman. It showed ~13K calls and 900 buffer overflows.

    I have been developing & testing plugins, so I've been opening and closing
    Bandit fairly frequently. My running theory is that the buffer overflows
    somehow stacked and corrupted my profile.
    A -- How close to the truth is the running theory? I like Bandit, but getting
    a corrupted profile fixed is a pain.
    B -- Why on earth does Bandit generate 900 buffer overflow errors on startup?

    System info: Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3, AMD Antholn 64 X2 Dual Core 4600+,
    2.4 Ghz, 2GB RAM.

  • Torsten Rendelmann

    We store the feedsources definition and their feedlists definition and the
    posts within the configured APPDATA folder (by default the windows user
    roaming profile folder).
    Further we store the full text search index created by lucene.net to the same
    location (folder index) by default.
    Also the file "error.log" will be created in case there was a unhandled error
    within the Bandit APPDATA folder.

    If you really use the roaming feature of windows (content copied on windows
    logon and stored on logoff), it is recommended to re-configure the search
    index to be stored to the user local folder, not the roaming folder.

    The best approach is to create a file named "RssBandit.exe.user.config" within
    your Bandit installation folder with the following content (you have to adjust
    the paths if required):

    <add key="AppDataFolder" value="%APPDATA%\\RssBandit"/>
    <add key="AppCacheFolder" value="%LOCALAPPDATA%\\RssBandit"/>

    This file is not delivered by default (and as such not overwritten by newly
    installed updates) and this way your configuration will persist over the time
    as long you don't modify it.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I gotcha -- remove the indexes from the profile so it can't be corrupted by
    network happenings (also a feature the days Bandit refused to start).



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