#963 Extreme memory usage..

Dare Obasanjo

This is a problem in both the old version and the new version.

Before arguing that new programs based on new technology will have higher memory requirements, I've not run into one with quite the drain as RSS Bandit..

Upon starting RSS Bandit memory usage is approx. 30MB, which is high in itself..

After using the default feeds installed with RSS Bandit, my memory usage is now sitting at 71MB.

After importing a number of feeds and updating them, it's at 92MB.

It would seem that there is no memory management going on, you should do whatever you can to release memory when it's not needed (destroy objects, arrays, variables, etc).


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    You are lucky one.
    I've 70 feeds.
    After start and first feeds refresh my RSS Bandit hogs up 245MB memory. After few hours of normal work (reading, auto refreshing, sitting in toolbar) it owns over 500MB of memory.
    It's not big problem as I have 2GB in my machine, but worse is that when refreshing, processor consumption jumps to 100% for more than half minute, successfully stopping all my activity.
    That's why I drop using RSS Bandit today and switched to FeedReader. Sorry.

  • Harold

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    This is my main issue with Bandit. I love the UI, features but damn right now it weights 138MB (around 70 feeds too)... With the same feeds, Feed Demon is about 40MB, Feed Reader GreatNews the same But they don't offer the same features or are not free... It's really annoying, 2GB of RAM or not... Is this related to the 100% CPU problem?

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  • We should wait for user Feedback on the new release(s) running with CLR 3.5/4.0 and re-open after that. For now the mem usage seems to be moderate for all the things we do and using XML as the backend data store (that we have to hold all in Memory because of the slow XML file processing)