#893 Can't remove or edit a feed


I subscribed to the feed at http://www.questionablecontent.net/

-> http://www.rsspect.com/rss/95.xml

This feed tells me that there are 15 new items. However I can't mark them as read and I can't see them when I try to read the feed.

So what, I thought, let's remove it.

No chance:
- When I right-click and choose "Feed löschen" (delete feed) it asks me if I'm sure and then does nothing.
- When I right-click and choose "Eigenschaften" (properties), nothing happens.
- However everything under "Dieser Feed" (this feed) works: Homepage, validate, source, ...
- I CAN rename the feed. Doesn't change anything in it's behavior, though.
- I can't move the feed to another category.

Can you verify if this is a behavior linked to that feed or if it is just some strange behavior in my installation that has nothing to do with the feed by itself?


  • Torsten Rendelmann

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    Same behavior after a restart of the application? I tested with my private bits (recent CVS build) and it just works. How did you subscribed? Via auto-detection while browsing (like me), dragging a link or typed the url in the subscr. wizard?

    Dare: any changes in the feed parsing code over the recent days/weeks?

    Dominik: if it still does not work, try to edit the subscriptions.xml by hand (removing the subscription), then add it again.

  • Dominik Deobald

    Dominik Deobald - 2007-01-15

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    Nothing changed when I restarted the application. However after a reboot of the machine everything was back to normal. I can now see the feed's content and change/delete it.

    So: consider this as a glitch in the system (probably file locked and released after reboot). However a small notification would have been nice.

    (And just for completeness: I added the feed by dragging it from the embedded browser to the feed-category.)


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