#664 invalid atom feed in opml import file


changing RSS readers from Pluck 2.0 IE6 to RSSBandit.
good decision you say. dump all Pluck feeds into opml
file to import in RSSBandit v1.3.0.42. import opml
file (attached) okay. shut down RSSbandit and restart
and all feeds not listed with a slew of error messages.

this bug is easily replicated.

so i check error.log and see line co-ordinates. look
into subscriptions.xml and see the co-ordinates refer
to tim bray's "ongoing" feed that never worked in
Pluck. until recently tim never used the orange RSS
icon so i used Pluck's autodiscovery. i don't think
Pluck likes atom feeds. anyway THAT feed is a dud.

so i deinstalled and reinstalled RSSBandit. i edited
my opml file and removed the offending "ongoing" feed.
re-imported my opml file and everything works fine.

so obviously my opml file contains an invalid xmlUrl
statement. notice no "http://www.tbray.org" just the
trailing "/ongoing/ongoing.atom".

so for a lark i went back into Pluck and updated the
feed url as above. didn't work. then i replaced
the ".atom" with ".rss" and suddenly it did work!

well that's Pluck's problem now. i'm sticking with you
guys. as an aside, my primary interest is what i will
be able to do with "atom + SSE" and "atom stores"
outside the realm of traditional blog feed syndication.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    OPML Import with Invalid Atom Feed

  • John

    John - 2006-01-03

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    thought i was logged in when i made this submission.


  • Dare Obasanjo

    Dare Obasanjo - 2006-01-03

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    This sounds like a bug in Pluck not in RSS Bandit.


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