#612 Newsgator Upload not tracking read vs. unread

Dare Obasanjo
Dare Obasanjo

Repro steps:

  • Clean out Newsgator Online so there are no
    subscribed feeds. (Clean slate)
  • Delete all feeds from RSSB
  • In RSSB subscribe to one (1) feed. (I used
  • Update the feed in RSSB, currently there are 95
    items for 2 months back according to RSSB.
  • Upload to the Newsgator Online account (ALL items
    still unread)
  • Newsgator Online now shows the new feed with the
    items marked as unread.
  • Go back to RSSB and mark all the items read
  • Reupload to Newsgator Online
  • Verify that Newsgator still shows all the items as

I've repo'd three times with different numbers of
feeds and the result is always the same. Newsgator
Online doesn't pick up on the read status passed from
RSSB. Let me know if you need more information.


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    Still present in release.

    Same repo steps

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    I have the same issue:

    I'm using Newsgator just as storage and I use RSSB from
    office and home.
    When I go to the office and mark all entries as Read and
    then upload to Newsgator.
    When I come back home and do a download nothing is
    downloaded. I'm running RSSB

    Thanks for the great app.

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    Dare commented on this bug in the RSB forum and stated
    that it is in fact a problem with the Newsgator APIs. It
    doesn't look like we'll see a fix for this until Newsgator
    gets their APIs straight.