#457 Wrong "unread items" display in tray icon


At the moment, the tray icon shows, if there are any
unread items at all, but it should show, if there are any
unread items since the application was last put to tray.


  • Torsten Rendelmann

    Logged In: YES

    As the app is at the tray as long as it runs, the current
    behavior is correct and will not be changed.

  • Patrick Schönbach

    Logged In: YES

    Still not convinced. Imagine the following "use case":

    1. You read some items, but not all.

    2. You minimize RSS bandit.

    3. You leave the computer.

    4. When you return, you want to know, if there are any new
      items since you minimized RSS bandit.

    At the moment, it is not possible to obtain this information.
    So, the "decoration" of the tray ican that shows unread items,
    should be reset whenever the RSS bandit window is opened.

  • Torsten Rendelmann

    Logged In: YES

    We will not change the current behavior, sorry. The real
    benefit is missing...
    If you like, you can post this as a feature request.


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