#435 Doesn't run as non admin


Install using the msi on an administrator account (install
for all users)

Start from Start Menu and the Windows Installer dialog
appears, installing for the current user, but this fails with
message: Access to C:\Program
Files\RssBandit\rssbandit feed installer.InstallState is

Running Windows XP Home SP2


  • Icsa

    Icsa - 2005-04-01

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    I got the same issue on XP Pro SP2, with version v1.3.0.26

  • Torsten Rendelmann

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    Temporary allow write access to all users to the install target
    folder seems to get around that issue.

    The installer seems to want to write a state file there with the
    wrong rights. How can we get around that?

  • Torsten Rendelmann

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    It writes a file "rssbandit feed installer.InstallState" there. Looks
    like a SOAP serialized hashtable.
    Can we tweak it to do not write there, or write to another location
    (temp or such)?

  • Gordon Watts

    Gordon Watts - 2005-07-09

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    I have this problem too. I've wrestled with writing simple
    installers and getting them to work on both admin and non-
    admin machines -- it is a pain. I don't think MS has really
    fully gotten all the bugs worked out of the non-admin running

    It is interesting that the installer needs to run for a new user.
    What complex setup needs to be done on a per-user basis
    that RSSBandit can't do on its own when it detects missing
    files. I remember seeing somewhere deep in the msi
    documentation that the recommended way to code things is
    that the program should do per-user setup (reg keys, etc.).

    All-in-all, I think it takes extra effort to learn ones way around
    multiple user machines. ;-(

  • Gordon Watts

    Gordon Watts - 2005-07-09

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    I got a little more curious about this and went hunting around
    the web. The really weird thing is if you google on InstallState
    you end up with mostly references to RSSBandit. So this is
    fairly common.

    If you go to msdn and search for InstallState you end up a
    bunch of error names and C++ structures that start with
    INSTALLSTATE, and this link, which I think is key:


    When I looked at the source many months ago I thought I
    remember you using the VS.NET setup projects. If you have
    a custom action in there, it will generate one of these
    installstate files. So, this could be a limitation of the installer
    (I'm not that familiar with this anymore; I've been using WiX
    mostly of late). Or there is already a work-around (I can't
    imagine RSSBanidt is the first to encounter this) -- but I
    couldn't find it with quick google searches.

  • Dare Obasanjo

    Dare Obasanjo - 2006-07-07

    Logged In: YES

    This will be fixed in the next version of RSS Bandit.


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