#299 Comments not loading for some feeds


The comments feeds for
http://www.muujware.com/rss.asp?feed=journals do not
load properly in RSS Bandit. I am unsure whether this
is a problem with the feed itself, as I can find no way
to specifically validate wfw: elements.

However, the comments feeds work properly in
SauceReader. I am unable to pinpoint what specifically
causes RSS Bandit not to load the comments. The feed
in question does not have a slash:comments element or a
wfw:comment element, but neither of these elements
should be required for comments feeds to work.

Another thought is the use of escaped URLs for the
wfw:commentRss element. Due to the use of Query String
parameters, the wfw:commentRss elements contain values
which should cause RSS Bandit to pull the comments from
Perhaps RSS Bandit isn't unescaping the URL?
Shouldn't the XML parsers be handling this?


  • Torsten Rendelmann

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    We currently use a somewhat different approach than
    SauceReader: in addtion to <wfw:commentRss> we also test
    for <slash:comments> item element, that contains the
    number of posted comments. This way we did not display
    the "+" markers to indicate any comment exists if
    <slash:comments> contains 0 (zero).
    So the user does not have to request every comment feed to
    just get noticed it does not contain any post. We also do not
    any kind of "comment feeds prefetch".
    The "+" markers are also displayed if the item has any
    relation, so don't get confused if they are displayed also if
    there are no comments.

    To "fix" that for the feed, I would suggest to support
    <slash:comments> counter.

  • Anonymous - 2004-12-15

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    same problem as themuuj here. and not just for a few feeds.
    there are many feeds that support <wfw:commentRSS>, but
    not <slash:comments> - for instance, all wordpress feeds.
    unfortunately, i don't have much influence on the rss those
    generators create, so can't really apply the "fix" you suggest.

    (an idea i just had: isn't <wfw:commentRSS> only issued into
    the feed if there actually are comments for this item? this
    would at least avoid pre-fetching for items without any
    comments. (test test test ...) hm - negative: at least
    wordpress generates <wfw:commentRSS> links for items
    without any comments, also)

    i would much appreciate if rss bandit would support comment
    feeds without <slash:comments>, too. i think the little
    increment in bandwith is much compensated by the greater
    usability. especially considered the fact that rss bandit only
    fetches comments for the selected item (not the whole feed).

    for those interested: i have a 2 line patch handy that
    unconditionally loads comments for feeds supporting
    <wfw:commentRSS>, regardless of the existence of

  • Anonymous - 2005-01-06

    Logged In: YES

    the patch mentioned lives at http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?


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