#298 Links fail to open in external browser

Eric Engler

I set my browser option to open new windows and links
in the configured default web browser.

However, it continues to open a browser in a new tab.

I want to avoid the use of new tabs all together.


  • Torsten Rendelmann

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    what version of Bandit you use? What OS and Browser you
    use (default browser)?

    All Bandit versions does not open a separate browser window
    to just display item content, while if you click a link the
    behavior can be configured in Options|Web Browser.

  • Eric Engler

    Eric Engler - 2004-11-15

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    I have version

    The problem only occurs if I double-click on an entry in the
    Headline window (top pane of feed details). I would like it to
    open the conent in a new browser window, but it opens in a
    new tab instead.

    If I click on a link in the content window (bottom pane of feed
    details) it correctly opens in a new browser.

    I like to open all links in a new browser so I can easily save
    the page to my hard disk if I want to. I can't save a page
    from a tab.


  • Torsten Rendelmann

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    OK, this is now fixed in CVS.

  • Eric Engler

    Eric Engler - 2004-11-16

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    OK, this is now fixed in CVS

    thanks much!


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