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First: this is the right place to post bugs.

Second: as you can read in the donation section this project
is maintained by the developers in their spare time.
If we comment (answer) a bug, it is mainly because we fixed
it or just to request more informations about the iusse if we
cannot repro that. It is rather annoying if the guy posting the
bug does not answer again within weeks. If a bug gets no
answers we can repro the issue somehow but did not get it
fixed because of time or expense.

Third: we are working hard to get a new release out the next
month(s) with some major new features and a lot of bug
fixes. Publishing that more unstable builds isn't really what
you want and backport of fixed bugs to the older release is
now also hard: the codebase changed a lot.

And last: thanks for reporting any bug you found. But
sometimes it would really help a lot more if some geeks could
just post a patch... ;-)