#217 Dates in RSS 1.0 Feeds Displayed Incorrectly


The dates in the feed at http://ln.hixie.ch/rss/html show
up incorrectly in RSS Bandit. Dates such as 2004-06-
29T16:26:32+00:00 which appear in dc:date elements
show up as 6/5/2004 in RSS Bandit.


  • Torsten Rendelmann

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    That is curious: you seems to have the same feeds
    subscribed as I have :-)

    This behavior is not a failure in feed parsing/processing. We
    read the date(s) in correctly, I double verified that. But what
    directs me to the source of problem was, there are only a
    few items where the date is "wrong". E.g. "State of WHAT" as
    of June, 29 2004.

    I assume here, it was a edited post (date above) after it was
    published (before the date you see in Bandit for that item).

    As you know we display item relations in threads. So our
    Relation Cosmos implementation is so smart, it corrects the
    item date(s) if it detects "invalid" relations from one item to
    another. So if a item posted at June, 6. 2004 that points
    (links) to your post: this mean, your post must be already
    published that time, because the referrer has the link to it.
    So the date of your post is "corrected" back to be a few
    seconds BEFORE the item post date of the referrer post, so
    the date of your post is displayed with a similar date.

    See also my post at

  • Torsten Rendelmann

    Logged In: YES

    RelationCosmos now does not force this behavior anymore on
    items, that have explicit date info.


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