#1414 Not fetching news behind proxy


I am encountering major Google Reader news fetching problems since several program versions. The latest is current version

My scenarios:
IE is configured to use a proxy script to detect our authentification requiring proxy, RSSBandit is set to read IE settings and has auth enabled and correct credentials supplied: RSSBandit never succeeds with fetching news (there is another bug tracked for this, so I confirmed it there).
If I manually set our proxy server name (requiring auth) and port in RSSBandit and supply correct credentials, RSSBandit is able to fetch news entries after application start. Succeeding updates seem to stall (without an error), there is just no news available in RSSBandit.
* If I manually set another (local) proxy without authentification to tunnel the auth-enabled one, RSSBandit never gets news from Google Reader. However, I notice network traffic in proxy status window

Hence, I did not find a scenario to get RSSBandit to work behind a proxy. Is there any solution for this?


  • Klaus

    Klaus - 2010-08-30

    Btw, this issues occurred under Windows XP and still occur under Windows 7 Professional (32bit).

  • Klaus

    Klaus - 2010-08-31

    @t_rendelmann: Yes, of course. Google Reader web frontend shows new entries, FeedDemon does, so there are new entries available.
    Is there any log file I could investigate and upload?

  • Torsten Rendelmann

    yep: look for error.log file or trace.log.* files within C:\Users\<WINUSERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\RssBandit , please.


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