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Rash 2.0 Beta

I've had most of this code written and then kind of slacked off for a long time. The beta release of Rash 2.0 is for bugfixing and such and will not work with your current databases.

Keep in mind the real release of 2.0 will change your databases to work properly, and will set itself up with no problems, this release is just to give out the code that I've written.

All of the requested features except for auto-approve have already been implemented into the beta release; the only problem occurs with localization -- I only have US-english haha.... read more

Posted by Thomas Cuchta 2006-07-20

Rash 1.2.2

Rash 1.2.2 released!

Posted by Thomas Cuchta 2004-06-11

Rash 1.2.1

Rash 1.2.1 released!

Posted by Thomas Cuchta 2004-06-10

Rash 1.2 Released!

Rash 1.2 Released!

Posted by Thomas Cuchta 2004-04-25

Rash 1.1.3 Released.

Rash 1.1.3 released, fixed bugs.

Posted by Thomas Cuchta 2004-02-15

Rash 1.1.2 released

Finally, I got around to releasing 1.1.2. This fixes the header errors, and the notices that I got when testing it on a server with PHP 4.3.4. It also changes a few things here or there, but it works a lot better than it did.

Posted by Thomas Cuchta 2004-02-08

Rash 1.1.1 released.

Rash 1.1.1 released to (hopefully) fix a headers bug and to rid of sessions once and for all.

Posted by Thomas Cuchta 2004-01-16

Bug in Rash 1.1, working on 1.1.1

There's a bug in Rash 1.1 dealing with sessions. I'm currently in the process of removing session variables and replacing them with cookies. I hope to be finished by tonght.

Posted by Thomas Cuchta 2004-01-14

Rash 1.1

Rash 1.1 was released. It fixes a bug with the search along with adding two new features.

Posted by Thomas Cuchta 2004-01-10

Rash 1.0

Rash 1.0 has been released. For more information please visit http://rqms.sourceforge.net

Posted by Ben 2004-01-07

Website Complete, Release in Sight

Our website, http://rqms.sourceforge.net is now working , and a 1.0 release is planned for the near future.

Posted by Ben 2003-12-15


1.0 was complete we just didn't release it. We're actually mostly done with 1.1, we probably should have hit up the version to 1.2 some time ago, but we didn't. When we get a website designed we'll release.

Posted by Ben 2003-12-08

Rash may be released tonight

I'm in the process of writing a MySQL installer script right now. Sadly, other SQL databases aren't supported right now, and my coding is pretty messy and inconsistant in places, but at least I'm getting a somewhat workable version out to play with. I will update the news as soon as I get it uploaded.

Posted by Thomas Cuchta 2003-10-19