Commit Date  
[r5986] by azhrei_fje

new build of launcher (130829.01)

2013-08-29 21:34:01 Tree
[r5985] by azhrei_fje

modified common-webstart-targets.xml to support building OSX app bundles

2013-07-26 04:51:35 Tree
[r5984] by azhrei_fje

added support for building the DMG; copied necessary icons into project

2013-07-25 23:03:18 Tree
[r5983] by azhrei_fje

updated to support use.existing.version (so build number isn't bumped) and for building application bundles

2013-07-25 17:53:03 Tree
[r5982] by azhrei_fje

updated MapToolLauncher

2013-07-25 17:26:18 Tree
[r5981] by azhrei_fje

fix to spacing in ANT build file for generated "mt.cfg" file

2013-07-25 15:44:51 Tree
[r5980] by azhrei_fje

reorg of resources; heavy mods to ANT build to support Apple application bundle generation

2013-07-25 15:23:45 Tree
[r5979] by azhrei_fje

about to release MT1.3.b90

2013-07-25 15:20:44 Tree
[r5978] by azhrei_fje

new MapToolLauncher JAR file

2013-07-25 03:41:05 Tree
[r5977] by azhrei_fje

partial fix for "macro editor dialog window position lost using OK/Cancel but kept using Close button?!";

2013-07-09 16:30:05 Tree
[r5976] by azhrei_fje

fixed upnp problem where IP_ANY was being used; added support for port mapping all routers on all connected subnets;

2013-07-09 06:08:26 Tree
[r5975] by azhrei_fje

minor fix for getVBL() function; (Jamz)

2013-07-03 23:23:35 Tree
[r5974] by azhrei_fje

remove restriction of layer in Zone.Filter implementations since layer is handled separately now;

2013-07-03 22:23:43 Tree
[r5973] by azhrei_fje

removed OSX-specific option from command line arguments;

2013-07-03 17:24:45 Tree
[r5972] by azhrei_fje

adds list of GM names to getInfo("server") (as "gm"); adds name parameter to isGM(); (CiF)

2013-07-03 16:41:19 Tree
[r5971] by azhrei_fje

replace hard-coded locale-specific characters with \u Unicode escapes

2013-06-30 19:53:04 Tree
[r5970] by azhrei_fje

removed Unix ZIP template since not needed anymore

2013-06-27 03:44:49 Tree
[r5969] by azhrei_fje

added launcher support

2013-06-27 03:43:58 Tree
[r5968] by azhrei_fje

some updates to try to add AppBundler support (for building Apple application bundles)

2013-06-27 03:41:02 Tree
[r5967] by azhrei_fje

replaced a lot of calls to System.err with logging to .error() or .warn()

2013-06-13 23:35:03 Tree
[r5966] by azhrei_fje

commented out a lot of System.out.println() statements!

2013-06-13 22:52:15 Tree
[r5965] by azhrei_fje

simple VBL line thickness fix (Jamz);

2013-06-13 22:20:32 Tree
[r5964] by azhrei_fje

updated formatting preferences

2013-06-13 06:13:28 Tree
[r5963] by azhrei_fje

latest VBL functions from Jamz;

2013-06-13 06:13:12 Tree
[r5962] by azhrei_fje

fixed handling of spaces in <key,value> pairs for varsFromStrProp since spaces are allowed in keys now; added javadoc

2013-06-12 20:50:19 Tree
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