Commit Date  
[r5962] by azhrei_fje

fixed handling of spaces in <key,value> pairs for varsFromStrProp since spaces are allowed in keys now; added javadoc

2013-06-12 20:50:19 Tree
[r5961] by azhrei_fje

retry: failure?

2013-06-12 19:40:16 Tree
[r5960] by azhrei_fje

fix for setSize() not working when token is Native or Free size;

2013-06-12 19:39:16 Tree
[r5959] by azhrei_fje

removed MapToolLauncher written in C++ -- superseded by Java version in new project

2013-06-12 06:44:07 Tree
[r5958] by azhrei_fje

updated logging XML files; fix for i18n in drawVBL/eraseVBL; updates to StringUtil

2013-06-11 23:56:58 Tree
[r5957] by azhrei_fje

formatting; removed System.out debugging call

2013-06-07 19:57:54 Tree
[r5956] by azhrei_fje

added drawVBL/eraseVB functions; added get/setTokenShape() and getTokenWidth/Height() functions

2013-06-06 17:17:36 Tree
[r5955] by azhrei_fje

fix for canSeeToken() when token is !snapToGrid; (Jamz)

2013-06-04 23:34:57 Tree
[r5954] by azhrei_fje

fix for how VBL line segments join; (Jamz)

2013-06-04 23:33:37 Tree
[r5953] by azhrei_fje

added X as topology (VBL) drawing shape; (CoveredInFish)

2013-06-04 23:22:06 Tree
[r5952] by azhrei_fje

added image to use in Help menu

2013-06-04 21:55:25 Tree
[r5951] by azhrei_fje

allow setLayer() and copyToken() to take optional parameter that prevents token shape change; (Azhrei)

2013-06-04 21:48:55 Tree
[r5950] by azhrei_fje

formatting; regex change looking for Help keys in properties; "import map" code test

2013-06-04 03:37:46 Tree
[r5949] by azhrei_fje

fixed typo in reference to key

2013-06-03 19:27:42 Tree
[r5948] by azhrei_fje

added Help menu item for Networking Setup (points to NFAQ); added confirmation of ImportMap menu function;

2013-06-03 18:53:59 Tree
[r5947] by azhrei_fje

fix removeFacing() parameter count; (Jamz)

2013-06-03 17:19:26 Tree
[r5946] by azhrei_fje

added "-Xdock:name" to Debug configurations (will it work on non-OSX?)

2013-06-03 05:30:11 Tree
[r5945] by azhrei_fje

sorry, I believe the only changes are licensing and some fixed warnings but not guaranteed :(

2013-06-02 19:05:50 Tree
[r5944] by azhrei_fje

general cleanup, license change, warnings fixed in prep for end of 1.3 and beginning of 1.4

2013-04-25 22:55:44 Tree
[r5943] by azhrei_fje

added licensing details; some code is Apache, some is LGPL, some is AGPL

2013-04-18 06:28:29 Tree
[r5942] by azhrei_fje

reformatting; license update to LGPL

2013-04-18 06:07:44 Tree
[r5941] by azhrei_fje

fix NPE for macrokeys in J7 but not J6 (Lee);

2013-04-18 05:59:30 Tree
[r5940] by azhrei_fje

updated list of logging configuration options

2013-04-15 16:39:37 Tree
[r5939] by azhrei_fje

added OOM handling during campaign IO so a better message is provided

2013-04-15 16:38:53 Tree
[r5938] by azhrei_fje

added InputMap debugging (trying to track down NPE);

2013-04-13 00:20:21 Tree
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