Commit Date  
[r5900] by azhrei_fje

not sure what preferences changed for this project?!

2013-02-26 20:32:10 Tree
[r5899] by azhrei_fje

various library and maptool updates

2013-02-26 19:43:23 Tree
[r5898] by azhrei_fje

added a Bash script that uploads the pieces of a given tool (such as MapTool) to the site

2013-02-26 19:39:49 Tree
[r5897] by azhrei_fje

change broadcast() so empty list sends to no one;

2013-02-13 03:25:51 Tree
[r5896] by azhrei_fje

fixed handling of line terminators inside list string functions;

2013-02-13 03:16:46 Tree
[r5895] by azhrei_fje

new field suggested by wolph42;

2013-02-03 18:48:17 Tree
[r5894] by azhrei_fje

credit to yorick for finding a huge inefficiency!

2013-02-03 18:42:37 Tree
[r5893] by azhrei_fje

removed source file no longer used; cleaned up Help > Gather Debug Info... menu option

2013-01-19 07:10:46 Tree
[r5892] by azhrei_fje

Help menu now dynamically builds menu items for external URLs by reading language-dependent property files

2013-01-19 06:11:16 Tree
[r5891] by azhrei_fje

formatting cleanup only

2013-01-19 04:26:23 Tree
[r5890] by azhrei_fje

Fix "Comparable doesn't abide by contract" error in Java 7 (no testing by me as I don't have J7 on OSX -- yet)

2013-01-19 02:55:45 Tree
[r5889] by azhrei_fje

fix apparent error in getDistance() (was returning sqrt(a+b) instead of sqrt(a*a+b*b) !? )

2013-01-19 02:36:47 Tree
[r5888] by azhrei_fje

small miscellaneous cleanup

2013-01-15 01:37:36 Tree
[r5887] by azhrei_fje

comment out unused code; add comment regarding implementation detail

2012-12-19 21:59:18 Tree
[r5886] by azhrei_fje

json.type.patch.txt contributed by tiorthan

2012-12-19 17:50:19 Tree
[r5885] by azhrei_fje

browserstartfix.txt contributed by tiorthan with some changes from me

2012-12-18 21:48:06 Tree
[r5884] by azhrei_fje

colordisplayfix.txt as contributed by tiorstan

2012-12-17 20:19:20 Tree
[r5883] by azhrei_fje

tiorthan/imageaspectfix.txt -- keep aspect ratio of image if only width or height change

2012-11-09 17:55:00 Tree
[r5882] by azhrei_fje

Craig's patch to revert a previous patch which cleared the tokenCache prematurely in the Zone renderer

2012-11-09 17:47:51 Tree
[r5881] by coloneldork

Bug fixes, property table meta data now in own table, can save off user updates, fixed damage encounter stats

2012-08-08 22:51:50 Tree
[r5880] by cwisniew

Hero corrections/additions by Jagged

2012-08-04 15:43:38 Tree
[r5879] by cwisniew

Problems encountered while closing the upnp port now log a warning message rather than producing a pop up with information that is not useful to the user.

2012-08-04 15:17:02 Tree
[r5878] by cwisniew

Changed the code that removes color picker panels so it works with both Java 6 and Java 7, also corrected the way that the code was trying to diable the preview panel in the color chooser.

2012-08-04 14:49:30 Tree
[r5877] by azhrei_fje

Changed the way the MTscript strformat() works when a format string specifies an invalid variable name inside %{} -- should be backward compatible

2012-07-29 00:33:13 Tree
[r5876] by azhrei_fje

Only added a comment describing what will be a problem in the future. :(

2012-07-29 00:31:56 Tree
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