Commit Date  
[r5880] by cwisniew

Hero corrections/additions by Jagged

2012-08-04 15:43:38 Tree
[r5879] by cwisniew

Problems encountered while closing the upnp port now log a warning message rather than producing a pop up with information that is not useful to the user.

2012-08-04 15:17:02 Tree
[r5878] by cwisniew

Changed the code that removes color picker panels so it works with both Java 6 and Java 7, also corrected the way that the code was trying to diable the preview panel in the color chooser.

2012-08-04 14:49:30 Tree
[r5877] by azhrei_fje

Changed the way the MTscript strformat() works when a format string specifies an invalid variable name inside %{} -- should be backward compatible

2012-07-29 00:33:13 Tree
[r5876] by azhrei_fje

Only added a comment describing what will be a problem in the future. :(

2012-07-29 00:31:56 Tree
[r5875] by azhrei_fje

Create import for RegEdit on Windows that removes MapTool registry entries

2012-07-29 00:30:56 Tree
[r5874] by coloneldork

dnd4e monster importer, xml accessor improvements, wotbs additions, IT game settings importer support.

2012-07-25 12:51:17 Tree
[r5873] by cwisniew

Applied high resolution mouse wheel fix from RevenantBob.

2012-07-21 13:30:19 Tree
[r5872] by coloneldork

License and formatting

2012-07-18 23:23:11 Tree
[r5871] by coloneldork

Removed old jar

2012-07-18 23:05:19 Tree
[r5870] by coloneldork

Database property editor updates

2012-07-18 00:20:13 Tree
[r5869] by coloneldork

Form updates for damage

2012-07-18 00:03:05 Tree
[r5868] by coloneldork

Updated copyright, 4e fixes to scripts, wotbs stuff. added player set to encounter, added encounter to global

2012-07-17 23:59:20 Tree
[r5867] by cwisniew

Applied patch from username to fix an exception bug from the paint chooser component when running under Java 7.

2012-07-17 07:12:46 Tree
[r5866] by cwisniew

Removed fix for map not displaying on first start up of campaign bug fix as it was causing a more serious bug with resizing of objects.

2012-07-17 07:11:22 Tree
[r5865] by cwisniew

Applied patch from username that fixed a bug while dropping a second token.

2012-07-17 07:09:57 Tree
[r5864] by coloneldork

Bug fixes, advanced/simple mode for custom properties, damage stats for IT, better script support, table editor working, damage stats for dnd3e, wotbs updates

2012-07-16 02:16:39 Tree
[r5863] by coloneldork

Group & Encounter as packed files
Damage encounter statistics
Phased init support for statistics
CT/IT Bug fixes
D&D 4e bug fixes
WotBS additions

2012-07-04 14:54:20 Tree
[r5862] by coloneldork

Update to group tools adding from lookup table
Support for statistics

2012-06-21 22:18:41 Tree
[r5861] by coloneldork

WotBS data and build updates

2012-06-21 22:08:54 Tree
[r5860] by coloneldork

New help support, new property editing

2012-06-19 04:04:11 Tree
[r5859] by coloneldork

Game Tools Updates

2012-06-12 23:23:23 Tree
[r5858] by coloneldork

Added view menu to only show certain tabs.

2012-06-04 18:41:31 Tree
[r5857] by azhrei_fje

Fix conversion of string list into json array via json.fromList()

2012-05-30 18:49:46 Tree
[r5856] by coloneldork

Got the game settings tool loading and saving files. Made database record editing work.

2012-05-29 21:18:31 Tree
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