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Role Playing Tools / News: Recent posts

Find the Active Community

You can find the very active community here:

Posted by Trevor Croft 2008-03-04

Location of Release Files

The location of the release files has been moved to:

Please go there to find the latest releases

Posted by Trevor Croft 2008-03-04

MapTool 1.1

New in MapTool 1.1: Many performance and memory usage improvements. Stamps and
Layers. Hex grids. Top down token type. Facing. Full screen mode.
Screenshot export. Many new token properties. Image explorer filter. Chat
improvements including dice rolling and macros. Fog of War improvements. New
default images (Help->Restore Default Images if you're already a MapTool user
and want to get the new images). See for
many more.

Posted by Michael Rice 2006-12-15

MapTool 1.0 Final

MapTool 1.0 is here!

After several weeks of in-game playtesting on three release candidates, we are ready to release MapTool version 1.0. We’d especially like to thank our community of users for their support and feedback during this process.

As noted in our news for the past several months, the campaign file from 1.0M8 and before is incompatible with this release.

The theme and goals for this release were around replacing the Battlemap, concentrating on the features that were necessary to make the experience better than using a Battlemap and minis. We feel this goal has been achieved with the 1.0 release.

Posted by David Rice 2006-07-23

MapTool 1.0M8 Beta

MapTool 1.0M8 (Beta) provides significant performance and useability enhancements, and many community contributed features were added. Token ownership and rights, token states, and LAN and Internet server discovery are among the many features. Please see the ChangeLog on the project site for more details.

Posted by Michael Rice 2006-02-02

MapTool 1.0M7 Beta

We've finished our 1.0M7 release and promoted it to Beta. It offers significant updates in useability from a "New Map" dialog to a new color picker on the draw tools. See the ChangeLog on the project page for more details.

Posted by Michael Rice 2005-12-12

MapTool 1.0M6 Beta

1.0M6 shows significant improvements in the interfaces and tools, and some performance improvements.

Posted by Michael Rice 2005-11-22

MapTool 1.0M4 Beta release

MapTool 1.0M4 Beta and 1.0M5 Alpha are now available on the site. Lots of improvements and new features in these releases, we're looking for a 1.0 release soon.

Posted by Michael Rice 2005-09-09

Role Playing Tools new release

We've just released maptool 1.0M3. Milestone 3 presents significant performance improvments and many new features over M2. We've also added the first release of a new tool to help create tokens from any digital image -- for use on maptool or any similar programs.

Posted by Michael Rice 2005-05-16

1.0M2 - Milestone Release, major

1.0M2 represents significant improvement over our initial public release. This version has major bugfixes and new features -- using Java Web Start from the web page you will automatically be updated.

Please let us know if you found this tool useful or if you have any suggestions for further improvement.

The high level changes we made were:

1.0M2 Changes and Features released 21 April 2005
* Grid jumps when zooming fixed
* Simple Player/GM roles (restrictions not in place)
* Asset panel rendering speed improvement
* status bar and rx/tx lights
* Drawing tools show measurement (currently only x/y, r is in the works)
* Tokens temporarily resize when hovering
* Tokens can be resized
* Save/Restore "Campaign" implemented
* Keyboard commands to fine tune grid size
* Distance Measuring tool
* Draw tool right click to erase... read more

Posted by Michael Rice 2005-04-21

Project Announcement

Users, testers, and developers welcome to use, abuse, and fix our products.

dmtool is a die rolling tool with advanced expressions including javascript for flexibility.

maptool is a client/server map sharing tool to share the map image, drawing elements, tokens and placement with all the connected clients.

We will have the code available soon for download, shoot us a note in the forums to get involved.

Posted by Michael Rice 2005-02-24