1.0M2 - Milestone Release, major

1.0M2 represents significant improvement over our initial public release. This version has major bugfixes and new features -- using Java Web Start from the web page you will automatically be updated.

Please let us know if you found this tool useful or if you have any suggestions for further improvement.

The high level changes we made were:

1.0M2 Changes and Features released 21 April 2005
* Grid jumps when zooming fixed
* Simple Player/GM roles (restrictions not in place)
* Asset panel rendering speed improvement
* status bar and rx/tx lights
* Drawing tools show measurement (currently only x/y, r is in the works)
* Tokens temporarily resize when hovering
* Tokens can be resized
* Save/Restore "Campaign" implemented
* Keyboard commands to fine tune grid size
* Distance Measuring tool
* Draw tool right click to erase

Posted by Michael Rice 2005-04-21

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