#201 Spell Templates: Hold down Ctrl to move

v1.0 M9
Feature (410)
David Rice

The Spell templates should allow you to move them
between the first 2 clicks by holding down the Ctrl
key. This allows the re-adjustment after sizing that
the original templates allowed.


  • David Rice

    David Rice - 2005-12-30
    • assigned_to: tcroft --> nobody
  • Trevor Croft

    Trevor Croft - 2006-01-06
    • labels: 718737 --> Feature
  • Trevor Croft

    Trevor Croft - 2006-01-27
    • milestone: 544510 --> v1.0 M9
  • jgorrell

    jgorrell - 2006-02-05

    Logged In: YES

    Just using the control key to move the anchor point doesn't
    work well. The reason is that when you let go of the control
    key you are returned to setting the radius, but the mouse is
    now near the anchor point so the radius goes back to one
    suare. This causes you to lose any radius that you have set.

    For the cone it is even a little more difficult since you
    can even change the template's direction when you let go of
    the control key.

    And now the line has 3 clicks for placement, should the
    control key work for both the 1st and 2nd clicks? The line
    also has the radius problem.

    How exactly should this work in all three templates?

  • David Rice

    David Rice - 2006-02-05

    Logged In: YES

    What I was picturing is this:
    You click once to set the anchor, you drag it out to the
    approximate size you want, if you hit and hold down ctrl it
    keeps your relative position to the anchor, but picks up the
    template and allows you to shift its anchor point as long as
    you have the ctrl held down. This would allow the sizing to
    be kept "as-is" because you are shifting the entire template
    at that point.

    For the line template, it should work after either the first
    or the second template and behave basically the same.

  • David Rice

    David Rice - 2006-02-05
    • assigned_to: nobody --> coloneldork
  • jgorrell

    jgorrell - 2006-02-05

    Logged In: YES


  • jgorrell

    jgorrell - 2006-02-05
    • status: open --> closed

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