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--- a/trunk/translations/i18n_en.properties
+++ b/trunk/translations/i18n_en.properties
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
 msg.error.configNotFound=<html>The configuration file <b>{0}</b> was not found.<br/>Using this launcher will create a new one.
 msg.error.configUnwritable=<html>The configuration file <b>{0}</b> could not be written.<br/>This is a fatal error.
 msg.error.javaCommandNotFound=Java command not found.  Try again.
-msg.error.loggingBadFormat=Missing data in XML file ''{0}'': description or tooltip missing
+msg.error.loggingBadFormat=Missing data in XML file ''{0}'': description or tooltip missing.
 msg.error.loggingFileNotFound=<html>The configuration file cannot be opened: <b>{0}</b><br/>This logging will not be performed.
 msg.error.loggingUnreadable=<html>The configuration file is unreadable: <b>{0}</b><br/>This logging will not be performed.
 msg.error.loggingUnwritable=<html>The configuration file is unwritable: <b>{0}</b><br/>No logging will be performed.
@@ -55,14 +55,14 @@
 msg.tooltip.dirForAltJava=<html>Directory containing alternate Java installation.<br/>Use this to launch MapTool using a specific Java version installed on your computer
 msg.tooltip.enableAssertions=<html>This will insert the <b>-ea</b> argument into the command line.<br/>Allows the launcher to work on Unix systems (including Linux and OS X systems).
 msg.tooltip.javaArgumentsHere=<html>Use this field to pass additional arguments to the launch command.<br/>Hitting the <b>Enter/Return</b> key will update the launch command and transfer focus to the Launch button.
-msg.tooltip.javaMaxMem=Maximum memory (in MB) for Java.
-msg.tooltip.javaMinMem=Minimum memory (in MB) for Java.
-msg.tooltip.javaStackSize=Stack size (in MB) for Java.
+msg.tooltip.javaMaxMem=<html>Maximum memory (in MB) for Java.  More is better, but see <b>forums.rptools.net</b> for explanation.
+msg.tooltip.javaMinMem=<html>Minimum memory (in MB) for Java.  The default is typically fine.
+msg.tooltip.javaStackSize=<html>Stack size (in MB) for Java.  Large macro frameworks might require as much as 8MB.
 msg.tooltip.keepLauncherOpen=<html>Enable this to keep launcher window open.<br/>This is helpful when you want to launch multiple instances of MapTool.
 msg.tooltip.launchWithConsole=Toggle launching MapTool with a Java console window (for debugging).
 msg.tooltip.promptAtNextLaunch=Uncheck to hide this dialog window on next launch.
 msg.tooltip.registerMapToolJar=<html>Register a MapTool executable (e.g. <b>maptool-1.3.b90.jar</b>)
-msg.tooltip.useRelativePathnames=Causes MapTool Jar directory and MapTool data directory to be relative pathnames.
+msg.tooltip.useRelativePathnames=Causes MapTool Jar directory and MapTool data directory to be relative to the <b>mt.cfg</b> file location.
 msg.info.cmdLineShownHere=Configuration file problems found.
 msg.info.comment.01=\# Lines that start with '#' and blank lines are comments and are ignored.\n
 msg.info.comment.02=\# The fields below may appear in any order.\n
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@
 msg.info.comment.MAPTOOL_DATADIR=Set this to force MapTool to use a particular directory for all file storage.
 msg.info.comment.MAPTOOL_DIRECTORY=Directory where the MapTool .jar file is stored.  (Also see EXECUTABLE.)
 msg.info.comment.MAXMEM=Limited to approximately 1500MB on 32-bit systems; unlimited on 64-bit.
-msg.info.comment.MINMEM=Simply a starting point for memory allocation.  The default is fine.
+msg.info.comment.MINMEM=Simply a starting point for memory allocation.  The default is usually fine.
 msg.info.comment.STACKSIZE=Any value larger than 8-10MB is likely to cause memory problems for MapTool.
 msg.info.configFeedback=The following errors occurred while reading the configuration file:
 msg.info.defaultLocale=None (uses system setting)

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