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#43 Calendar


[quote="mosat"]• Custom Calendar definitions. The ability to define a fictional worlds calendar, set the number of days in a year, in a month, in a week. Set the length of the day, some may even suggest custom lengths for hours and minutes but personally an hour or minute that isn't an hour or minute long is something else. So maybe the ability to define a custom time length measurement. Of coarse you would have Earth normal as a default calendar definition.

• Localized Calendars. The calendar definitions cover the basic facts of life of the world but each civilization on that world may have a different calendar. So while a world will always have the same number of days in a year each culture could have their own names for the days and months and each could have it's own year 0 relative to the rest. The tool should be able to have multiple localized calendars and be able to display and hide each as needed.

• So now you have calendar definitions, when you create a new calendar you should be able to select a definition to use for it. Once you have a new calendar you can save it as it's own file. This would be a campaign specific data file.

• As far as the GUI goes I would envision the calendar to look and feel very similar to how time management apps appear, no sense in reinventing the wheel. You should be able to to change the view from month (or a large collection of days) to week (smaller group of days) to a single day view. Atimeline view would also be cool, one where you could adjust the range so that a vast sweep of history could be displayed.

• Create Entries. You should be able to create entries on the calendar which are associated with a specific time. An entry is a place to put text, as such full formatting and the ability to paste rich text format into and out of it would be great.

There can be a calendar entry button on the tracker window, clicking makes a new calendar entry set to the time the tracker is set to, perfect for GM notes or adventure logs.

• Categories, layers or groups. Whatever you want to call it it is a way to separate different sets of entries. This should be customizable so users can create their own and call them what they will. This would allow you to have a set for GM notes and a separate set for the adventure log and yet another for theGM's world history.

• Export entries. Of coarse the point of writing detailed adventure logs would be to share it with the group so you should be able to export the entries into an html or rtf (maybe pdf, though I know that is trickier) document. You should be able to control which categories will be exported and in what order (sequentially or latest entry first). some formatting control over the appearance would be nice too.


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