#32 Problem with reordering and editing columns in table view.


Hi, just starting to use Initiative Tool and I've
started to use the Custom Properties. File -> Edit
Settings -> Custom Property Names. When I view these in
table mode (View -> Show In Table) I can see all the
values and I can edit all the values inline (i.e.
values in cells), but when I re-sort the columns (by
dragging the headers) I run into problems. The values
are displayed properly, but when I edit the Nth column
it shows me the value that was in the Nth column
originally, before I re-ordered them.

e.g. I added HP Total / HP Current / AC / Damage /
Attack (because they occured to me in that order). I
then decided I wanted the Attack column to be the
first. I dragged it to the front and it displays the
Attack OK. But when I edit Attack, it actually replaces
the current Attack Value with the current HP Total
value. When I save the change the value is stored
against the Attack.

Also, when saving the Encounter file the order of the
Properties is not saved.


  • jgorrell

    jgorrell - 2006-12-08

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    Reordering problem was a bug in the column model editor. I also added the ability to save the order of the columns in table mode. Both of these will be in build 10

  • jgorrell

    jgorrell - 2006-12-08
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