jgorrell - 2007-01-11

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[quote="mosat"]• Time Tracker. Real world calendar programs don't need this because they simple get told what time it is by checking the computers clock. For our purposes we are tracking a fictional "now" so it's a bit different. I envision the Time tracker as a special calendar entry that when double clicked opens the Time Tracker window. You can have multiple trackers since this would be useful if the party split up or you wanted to track another party playing parallel to the first or even in another era of your campaign world.

Each Time Tracker window would display the name of the tracker the top and display a large clock showing the date and time (you could select which localized calendar the tracker used with apopup menu). Under that would be several rows each with a segment of time starting with year and proceeding to month, week, day, hour, minute, and round. Each row would have a text field with the current value in it allowing you to manual change it to whatever you wanted it, a second text field which is blank but will add whatever value is typed into it to the current value, and a left and right arrows which would adjust the time segment in increments of one. So you can easily click a day ahead if your party is traversing the wilderness and you are simply doing wandering monster checks of you can advance by minutes or rounds if the action is detailed. This is where it would actually benefit from being part of the InitTool, when you entered combat and start clicking rounds by it would advance the Time Tracker at the same time.

• An idea I particularly like is the real-time button, click it and the clock starts counting down the seconds just like a real clock. This can be fun if you have a argumentative party and you want a sense of urgency. say they set off a trap which will collapse the cave they are in one minute, click the real time button and give them that to decide what to do and do it.