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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Just found your tools here while visiting the WoTC boards.  Map Tools looks to be EXACTLY what I was looking for.  Bravo for your efforts so far.

    I would love to create a library of assets with token tools, but alas, I can't get it to work.  It always shows a blank (black) slate.  I can select the stamp, but any image I drag and drop to the background does nothing.  I have tried multiple extensions (including pictures that show up fine in Map Tools). No errors, no reaction ... nothing.

    I have tried it on multiple machines, I have updated java on both ... I have tried the downloaded and web based versions ... I even tried both versions displayed.  Nothing on either computer ...... which makes me believe I am doing something wrong.   Any ideas?

    Something that may be related, some images in Map Tools will not display every time, just giving a red '?'.  Reloading the app usually fixes this.

    Another question, with Map Tools, once a token or zone is placed on the board, how can you remove it?

    Looking forward to the continual evolution of these products.  I don't know your plans, but I am sure you will have commercial quality apps in no time.  I hope you give us early adopters a discount in return for helping with bug hunts :)

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

    • Trevor Croft

      Trevor Croft - 2005-11-16

      Greetings and welcome !

      TokenTool: Hmm, it is working for me on winxp.  What operating system are you using ?  Could you point me to a web url that contains a sample image you are tying to use ?  Also, could you run the downloaded version from a command line and see if any error messages are being displayed ?

      Removing Tokens/Zones: To remove a token, just select it and hit 'delete'.  (note that there is a tracker issue that this doesn't work when you aren't running a server).  Zones aren't removable at the moment, there is a tracker for that too.  In the mean time, note that GMs can hide zones from players with the Map->Hide map from players menu option.

      Images as red "?": Does it happen every time, to the same images, do you notice a trend at all ?  I've noticed that happens sometimes too and I'm looking for consistent reproducible steps.

      We are in very active development with new features showing up in the Alpha version every couple days.  Feel free to check out the tracker database on, it contains all the of features and bugs we're currently working on.

      We're excited you are here with us, look over the forum posts, we tend to prioritize features and bug fixes from forum posts, and have built features that were requested directly in the forums :)  Now is the best time to be around: you can help define where we're going and what features we add.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Windows XP SP2 on both machines (1 being a fresh install).

      As for token tool, I think I have it.  Any file I drag from the file structure does nothing, but if I open the picture in my web browser (Firefox) it drags over normally.  Perhaps I misunderstood the documentation, is it only supposed to work from a web browser?  Good enough for me .... for now :)

      The red ?'s .... I have noticed no pattern to when it happens.  Sometimes whole directories, sometimes just a few images.  Sometimes changing the directory then going back seems to fix it, sometimes it take multiple trys of reloading the app.  Sorry, I know that does absolutely nothing to help you.  If I notice a pattern I will surely post.


    • Trevor Croft

      Trevor Croft - 2005-11-16

      Ahhh, gotcha.  Sure enough, I see that now.

      Apparently when I rebuilt the drag-drop to work on linux it broke the local filesystem drag-drop (silly me for thinking explorer would support the URL mime type :) ).  I've  put in some code that should fix it.  I've checked it into the alpha version, it should show up on alpha in a couple hours. 

      Take a look and let me know if it works for you.


    • Trevor Croft

      Trevor Croft - 2005-11-16

      As a side note, TokenTool was an overnight hack to fill a need.  I'd really like to see it become more than that.

      While you are using it, keep track of any new features or usability tweaks that come to mind and forward them on to us.  We'll make it the tool you want :)

      Also, the current overlays (the circle things) are pretty ugly.  It's pretty easy to make new overlays and install them if you were so inclined.  I'll get some instructions posted on the website later today.


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