Supress dist folder from cvs ?

  • Jorge González

    Jorge González - 2005-10-22

    Hi list:

    Please supress the dist folder from cvs head (you could place the dist branch under another module, for example) so the people downloading the sources don't have to pay the 1.5MB transit every update.

    Thanks.  I'm waiting to colaborate in the spanish translation. Bye

    • Michael Rice

      Michael Rice - 2005-10-24

      Hey, that's a good suggestion, thanks.  We're talking about how we might do this, hopefully we'll be able to make this work for you soon.

    • David Rice

      David Rice - 2005-10-28

      There is now a top level module called dist which contains all of the builds.  If you download maptool you will not get the binaries.

      Thanks for your input, changes like this to support developers is something we will definitely try to do.



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