Ars Magica dice roller

  • Jorge González

    Jorge González - 2005-11-03

    Hi all:
    This is a specific dice roller to include.

    It would be nice to implement a pluggable architecture (look at the NICE architecture of jirc project ) Use of groovy would be nice in the roll module too...

    Here i paste the pseudo-code
    1. r = Roll(1d10)
    2. if r == 0 return "Possible Botch"
    3. else if r != 1 return r
    4. else
    5. pot = 0
    5. while r == 1
    6.        pot++ 
    7.        r = Roll(1d10)
    8. end while
    9. end if
    10. return 2^pot * r

    Roll examples
    4, result = 4
    0, result = "possible botch"
    1,1,3 = 12
    1,8 = 16
    1,1,1,1,1,7= 2^5*7   a lot !

    • Jorge González

      Jorge González - 2005-11-03

      Note: I can provide the java source code for this. Thanks.

    • Trevor Croft

      Trevor Croft - 2005-11-03

      Giliath will have a better explanation, but he's sick today, so I'll make a first pass response :)

      The plan is to integrate the DiceTool rolling engine into MapTool.  My understanding is that you can add javascript modules to it already (in fact, I believe someone submitted an "epic" rule module already).

      The tricky part is the design.  A couple design questions that would need to be addressed:

      - How do you add a new module
      - Is the module attached to the tool, or the campaign (if you play multiple campaigns at a time, you might only be interested in a module for one of the campaigns)
      - Are modules automatically shared to clients (does that pose a security/privacy risk) ?
      - What facilities are provided for debugging/editing modules, if any
      - What is the user interface for interacting with the modules

      I like the idea of making the module interface modular to allow different engines to be included.

      We have actually already started to introduce scripting in the tool via the command panel (eg /goto tokenname).  Presumably at some point a lot of the tool will be run by internal scripts, which can be extended.


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