Moving Tokens and Fog of War

  • Brad

    Brad - 2006-01-09

    Might there be some way to allow players to still be able to move their tokens when they accidentally drop them under the fog?

    My players are using laptops with touchpads and they frequently wind up dropping their tokens in the wrong place during a move. If they drop them outside of the revealed areas, the token disappears under the Fog of War and the players can no longer select them to move them back. I wind up having to do it for them.

    Is there any chance that tokens, once set as visible, could lie on top of the FoW so they could still be selected and moved by players? Or perhaps some other way of allowing them to fix their positioning errors without the GM having to do it for them?

    • Trevor Croft

      Trevor Croft - 2006-01-10

      These are really good suggestions.  Let us digest it a bit and come up with something.

      When token ownership becomes available, it would be easy: always show player owned tokens.

    • emryys

      emryys - 2006-01-10

      Token ownership will be good...coming to a theatre near you soon? ;) Players keep moving the enemy either away or into range :(
      That FoW problem mentioned above does rear it's ugly head now and again. Would hexes be difficult? I guess getting the tokens to be centered in the hexes and be properly sized is the key.
      P.S. This is excellent work :) We using MT and TT with GRiP so we get automated character sheets and smooth mapping
      Checkout an example here...

      • Trevor Croft

        Trevor Croft - 2006-01-10

        Token ownership.  Hmm, I think everything that it needs is available in the framework already, let me see what I can do :)

        Actually, there's a tracker for hexes already, but we probably won't get to it until after we've had a stable 1.0 release.

        Super thanks for the link, that's a really cool layout you came up with.  I love seeing MapTool in use :)

    • emryys

      emryys - 2006-01-10

      For Token ownership, I think the GM should retain the ability to move all tokens in case he needs to "correct" over zealous players. It could be a pain explaining to a player he can't move there, and then they keep moving to other "out of bounds" positions.

      On a different note...for handling whose turn it is perhaps a "right-click" by the GM and an option/state to indicate it's this players turn. The token may flash or have a yellow sheen to it. Then when the GM picks another tokens turn, the other one automatically turns off. A command to cancel the turns completely would be good for the end of the round, and no more glowing tokens ;)

      • Trevor Croft

        Trevor Croft - 2006-01-10

        The GM will certainly always be able to move tokens around :)

        gliliath is actually working on an initiative panel that would keep track of players turns.  It will eventually integrate with MapTool.  However, I like your idea of highlighting the current player's turn, which would also work when the initiative panel is integrated.  I've created a tracker for it so it doesn't get lost:

    • Brisingre

      Brisingre - 2006-01-11

      Wouldn't it be easier to make it so that players can't drop tokens onto FoW than to let them move their tokens off of it?

      • Trevor Croft

        Trevor Croft - 2006-01-11

        That's a good point.  Let me see what I can do with it.

      • jgorrell

        jgorrell - 2006-01-11

        That is a good idea, but how yould you want to handle partial squares? If only half the square is visible, can a user move to that square? What if the portion visible is smaller than half? If a token can be moved to a partial square, what would you want to happen when the token is not visisble from the portion of the square displayed? This can be easy to do since we allow tokens to be various sizes and they are not required to be square.


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