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  • Brisingre

    Brisingre - 2006-01-23

    This is a suggestion for the documentation and an offer to help with the docs. The suggestion is this; I would like to see list of errors that the program gives and what to do with them, in more or less normal English rather than the more accurate (i'm sure) techno-language that gets used in the forums, most people who can't figure it out on their own also don't understand these instructions. The offer is that maybe I could help get the docs for maptool up-to-date.

    • Trevor Croft

      Trevor Croft - 2006-01-24

      That's a good suggestion.  To be honest, there are lots of places that things can go terribly wrong that may or may not show up.  Probably the best thing to do is keep a running page of common errors people get and their solution.

      Can you list on this post the typical scenarios you run into and the message you receive ?  If you do that, we'll write out a synopsis of the meaning and what to do about it.

      Your offer to help with the docs is certainly welcome.  If you'd like to start putting together some documentation on usage, that would be great.  Note that the drawing tools will be changing soon, so you would want to wait on that, but most everything else is finally starting to stabilize.  Which is a good time to start documenting what we have.

      If you are interested, create a list of high level items that need documenting, such as Tools, Running a server, Adding Images and Tokens, Movement, Customizing your view, that kind of stuff.  Then start drilling down each high level topic with sub topics, then start fleshing out the actual content.

      Feel free to contact me directly via email to coordinate this effort :)

    • Brisingre

      Brisingre - 2006-01-24

      I'll probably copy the existing docs and update them somewhat with the current alpha (or beta) features.

      • Trevor Croft

        Trevor Croft - 2006-01-24

        Cool :)

    • Brisingre

      Brisingre - 2006-01-26

      where ought I send the updated docs? Theyr not perfect, but better. You'll have some formatting on your hands, sorry.

      • Trevor Croft

        Trevor Croft - 2006-01-26

        Send them to


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