Server Disconnect and other things

  • Delak

    Delak - 2005-11-07

    Yup you guessed it more feedback yeah!

    Last nights game brought up some more feedback but first we all like the new interface it looks good.

    1.) If I am GM with no players connected and I try to disconnect the server it gives me a message. "You can not disconnect yourself" or something like that. The reason I was trying to disconnect was to load a new campagin which told me I need to be disconnected from the server. So what I am getting at here is to either A.) Be able to load a campagin with out disconnecting or B.) Disconnect even if I am the GM.

    2.) Really need the bring to front and bring to back options on tokens. Had the PC's fight a Kraken which grappled 3 of 5 PC's in one round and then got stunnded the next round forcing him to let go of all the pc's.

    • Trevor Croft

      Trevor Croft - 2005-11-07

      We love feedback !

      1) That's definitely a usability issue I'll hammer out.  I'll probably make it a confirmation dialog instead.  Also, as a note, you can just load a campaign over the existing campaign.  That should probably have a confirmation dialog as well.

      2) It's slated for M7, I'll prioritize it for you and should have it for you by the end of the week.

      Thanks !

    • Delak

      Delak - 2005-11-07

      I know you guys love the feedback and I will keep giving it.

      1.) Yes please if this could be taken care of that would be great. I would have to close maptool and then reopen it and load the new campagin.

      2.) Wow, you dont have to do it that quickly as I am not sure when the next time they will face a kraken or other huge beast that grapples.


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