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Game 4 and feedback

  • Mike

    Mike - 2006-01-31

    Game four went great and we officially are now 100% MapTool.

    Good Things:
    New Connection Tools work fine. 
    New spell templates work well (Ray works much better)
    Linking Player view worked Great again.
    Large maps and large numbers of maps worked better

    Ray spell template can produce a ray that is 2 squares wide at the tip - or in some cases along the entire length.
    Also, Ray is still labeled Radius on the tool-tip

    I'm still trying to reliably reproduce some weirdness with maps when lining client and master.  I'm using 6 maps and have the following issues:
    Some maps (usually larger ones) will not come up on the client - show as question marks.
    Maps on client not in same order as on master (only able to make this happen once)
    This last issue is not important if (and I hope this can happen) switching to a certain map on the master also switches to that map on a linked client.  In the version I was using, switching maps on the master did not switch them on the client.  I had to do that manually.

    Lastly, small stuff -
    Toggle for switching on Fog of War for all new maps would be cool.
    Hot-Keys for changing token states would be cool
    Aside from that, Major cool-ness!  Looking forward to next build in 2 weeks as we finish The Sentinel and the Gauntlet!


    • Trevor Croft

      Trevor Croft - 2006-01-31

      Great !  Glad to hear it went well, and super appreciate you taking the time to tell us about it :)

      I don't know much about the template stuff (it's the one thing that I haven't been involved with), so I'll pass it on to the right people.

      I'll get the map ordering issue fixed in M9 (which should start on Thursday).  Currently the linked view feature does not force a zone change.  I'll also get that changed in M9. (trackers added)

      Toggle for new maps to have FoW: added tracker for M9

      HotKeys: Near the end of M9 we will be going through and assigning keystrokes to all the common functionality.  I'll put in a note to include token states.

      Thanks again for the great feedback !

    • David Rice

      David Rice - 2006-01-31

      The line spell template has proven a little difficult.  Check out the diagram and description on page 176 of the player's handbook.  I believe that if a ray goes through the vertex of 4 squares all 4 should be included in the effect of the spell. 

      If this is correct, then it looks like the spell template is correct in many cases.  For example, the completely diagonal template looks correct because if you start from one vertex, go at a 45% angle to another vertex you go through every square at a 45% angle.  This would mean that the adjacent squares would also be in the line.

      However, the line template is not correct when it goes completely horizontal (aka, runs along the grid).  If I am reading the line description correctly, then the line template "should" effect all squares both above and below the grid line for effectively a 10' wide spell effect.

      We have debated this a little and I would be very open to hear interpretations that we might have overlooked.


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