ALPHA build 75 Notes: Improved token labeling

  • Trevor Croft

    Trevor Croft - 2006-01-13

    Checked in the code for the tracker for improved token labels.  Now when you drop an image onto the map from the image explorer or from the local filesystem or from a web page, it will use the base name as the token name, and put the next available number after it.

    It's a small change, but thought I'd get it out for public review.

    • emryys

      emryys - 2006-01-13

      Very handy! These little refinements are great!

      Another idea...You have a tracker for erase lines/drawing by color, how about by player with the GM of course able to erase all. Others erasing what you drew could be annoying ;)

      • Killydd

        Killydd - 2006-01-13

        I was just playing around and could see it be very annoying the GM not being able to erase a zone that a player just drew or something like that. 

        • Trevor Croft

          Trevor Croft - 2006-01-15

          As a point of note GMs can do _anything_ :)  There isn't anything a player can do that a GM can't undo in some way.

          The problem with the drawables is that they are a bit tricky to work with.  We were thinking about making them vectors, but then partial erasing became a problem.  The problem as it stands is that erasing is really just drawing with a destructive paint.  So everything under it is still there, it's just been painted over with magical transparent paint.  So only using the transparent paint on some, but not all previous drawn elements is a bit tricky.

          Let's pick this one up again after 1.0, we might be able to do some interesting things :)

    • Brisingre

      Brisingre - 2006-01-15

      Here's an idea. If you made it so that each (foreground) color had it's own drawable layer, created when the color was first used(so as not to have 200000000-odd blank layers lying around :) ), and that the eraser only affected the layer that it would draw in if it were not an eraser, you might be able to pull it off. This also might not at all or might take up a ton of memory, but I just thought I would put it out there.

      • Trevor Croft

        Trevor Croft - 2006-01-15

        The trick with that is that you could not then intermingle the layering of the colors, which could be funky.

        But you are on the right track.  The plan is to make it possible to have any number of drawable layers.  Then you could erase a specific layer without effecting the others.  Also, it would be possible to assign players a layer so that they can erase only their own work, or whatever.

    • Brisingre

      Brisingre - 2006-01-15

      YOur right about that, but almost all of the current mingling could be kept intact by a "layer position" dialog somewhere that could move current drawing layers around.

    • Brisingre

      Brisingre - 2006-01-15

      Another suggestion. Would it be possible for a GM to assign each player one or more colors that are the only ones that they can use, so that you can tell peoples drawables apart and a player can wipe only their own drawings?


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