Trevor Croft - 2005-09-14

One of the common setups we hear about are people using projectors or designated monitors to display the map instead of everyone having their own view.

Here is a recommended way to handle that setup:

- The GM starts a MapTool server
- The machine connected to the projector starts MapTool and connects as a player to the server (if the server and client are on the same machine, use host 'localhost' to connect)
- Turn off the asset panel by View->Toggle Asset Panel
- Turn off the zone selection panel by View->Toggle Zone Selector
- The GM can then manipulate the game board from the server view
- Use Zone->Enforce View to make the projector's machine display what the GM sees. 
- The GM is then free to move to the next area and set it up while the players view the current player view

Note that Fog of War is a very soon to be released feature that will aid this, as well as a recent tracker to allow clients to play in full screen mode (get rid of the title bars, menus, etc)