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Finished Game 3 - and feedback

  • Mike

    Mike - 2006-01-23


    Just finished game three with Maptool.  We are no longer projecting our maps down onto the table.  We are now projecting across to a screen (i.e. as one normally would).  We have a bunch of laser pointers for the players to point at the map and direct where they want their characters to move.  Then I (DM) move them.

    Feedback for you as we move to game 4: 
    Players love it.  They don't seem to miss the minis at all.

    The "Ray" spell template is still broken (and is labeled "radius" on the toolbar)

    Token Conditions are cool, but need "hot-keys" to be useful in combat.  Too slow to right-click through 2 sub-menus.  Highlight token and hit CTRL-A or something to set conditions, bring to top, etc would be very useful.

    Compared this software with a $50 alternative that just became available - no contest - MAPTOOL is far superior for in-game use!

    Aside from the occasional bug with loading and un-loading maps, having a blast.  Please stabilize build 1.0M8 though.

    Thanks for making our game that much better!

    • Trevor Croft

      Trevor Croft - 2006-01-23

      Thanks for the feedback :)

      Could you describe the occasional bug with loading and unloading maps ?  I'll get them fixed if you can help me reproduce them :)

      Tell me more about stabilizing build 1.0M8.  Do you mean stop adding features and publish it as a beta, or are you having troubles with connection stability, or bug issues ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Tcroft Wrote: Tell me more about stabilizing build 1.0M8. Do you mean stop adding features and publish it as a beta

      Yes - making M8 the beta so I know what's what for our game.  I promise to still test the alpha build though!  :D

      Tcroft Wrote: Could you describe the occasional bug with loading and unloading maps ?

      I'll try - Let me replicate the issues here and post them later.  They came up during a game and I didn't stop to take notes or try to examine system settings. :)  It basically had problems adding maps while connected to the server - and linking client view (best feature!) wouldn't link to new maps.  Like I said, I don't know the exact build number or what steps I took to weird it out.  Had to resort to using the M7 code of the rest of the game though.


      • Trevor Croft

        Trevor Croft - 2006-01-24

        As a point of note, I've moved a couple of the nagging final M8 trackers to M9 (which is the last M release before 1.0) so that we can stabilize and release M8 to beta.

        That's a bummer of a bug.  If you can figure out repro steps that would be super cool.  I'd hate to push M8 to beta and remove the ability to use a more "stable" code base (currently M7) if M8 is flaky. 

        Now when you say it wouldn't link to new maps, do you mean it doesn't switch the client view to the new map ?  That's actually intentional so that the GM can add a new map without forcing everyone to see it immediately, in case there is some setup required.  However, there needs to be an option or command to force the zone along with the view.  I'll put that into M9.


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