#3 Produce JUnit XML test results.


Any plan to include the ability to output (stdout or file) JUnit test results in XML format? Trying to implement with Cruise Control on the iSeries and having this feature would make it fit nicely with the solution.


  • Mihael Schmidt

    Mihael Schmidt - 2010-10-22


    I made some changes to the code to output the results to a userspace. You could use that code as a base to make the output to an XML file. If you are interested in it just drop me a mail. mihael ( at ) rpgnextgen.com.

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    Anonymous - 2011-04-21

    Thanks fist. Ended up modifying the RPGUNIT to output as XML. RUCALLTST is then run in a qshell script that redirects the XML output to an IFS file. The results are then added to the build results using CC's merge function and viola!

  • Mihael Schmidt

    Mihael Schmidt - 2011-04-22

    Just implemented output of JUnit XML myself as a prototype (not complete yet). I plan to release this in a new project (forked from this one) as I could not reach the original author of RPGUnit : ileunit.sf.net . ATM there is no content on the new project site but it will come the next time I have some spare time left.

  • cyril clemenceau

    Hi Mihael,

    RPGUnit have a new start. I see that your project is only in beta, so i would include your work into RPGUnit. Are you Ok ?

  • Mihael Schmidt

    Mihael Schmidt - 2013-01-24

    of course you can integrate the stuff from ileunit back to rpgunit. BTW are you the current maintainer of rpgunit?

    I haven't touched either in some time now and it seems i won't either.

    Good luck.

  • cyril clemenceau

    Yes, i'm the current maintainer of rpgunit.

    For ileunit, it's really good job but i don't want dependances for rpgunit. I have to remove your api arraylist. (i use this API in my pgm :p you have done a very nice work with all your api! )

  • Aaron Bartell

    Aaron Bartell - 2014-08-22

    Is RPGUnit moving forward still? Did the ILEUnit changes get implemented into RPGUnit?

  • Thomas Raddatz

    Thomas Raddatz - 2014-08-25

    Aaron, I am afraid that this project is as dead as it could be. But you may consider to give my fork of this project at "http://www.tools400.de/rpgunit/update/rdp8.0/" a shot. I already implemented an enhanced version of Mihael Schmidts output into a user space and it should not be that difficult to also add an output to XML. The attached pdf describes the information that is provided by the user space and which could be converted to XML.

    The project is not (yet) on SourceForge, but could go there, of course.

  • cyril clemenceau

    Hi, this project is not dead. I'm working on a new version. But it take many time because of personnal life. I hope release a new version in october.

  • Aaron Bartell

    Aaron Bartell - 2014-08-25

    I think what we are seeing here is the necessity that the IBM i community start adopting modern methodologies of open source scm (source change management). Specifically, we need to get into the practice of using git (github.com, bitbucket.org, or other) to facilitate not only collaboration but also forks and pull requests**.

    SourceForge does have git support but they don't seemingly have fork and pull-request type features which I believe are essential to open source collaborative development.

    Thoughts on using github.com for hosting this project?


    • lacton

      lacton - 2014-08-27

      Moving to github seems a good idea. :)

  • cyril clemenceau

    I will duplicate this project on github. Source code will be on github and sourceforge.

  • Thomas Raddatz

    Thomas Raddatz - 2014-08-25

    I am happy that this project is not dead,because honestly I am not very happy about my fork. To many forks does not help.
    Given that you want to keep the project alive and hoping that you did not change to much in the new version, we may think about to join the projects again. This way we got one RPG backend and one RDi plug-in using the backend. Just my thoughts.


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